Markets evolve like organisms

Structural Emergence

Observe asset structures that form and evolve through individual asset relations as markets adapt to new regimes.

See how market structures:

Emerge, Expand, Mutate, Fragment and Dissipate.

Events connect as chains

Causal Relationships

Map causal relationships to forecast and monitor expected chains of events.

Generate testable trading signals that can be scrutinized and validated. No black boxes.

Momentum spreads through waves

Signal Propagation

Monitor how price signals such as volatility and price momentum are transmitted through asset networks towards your positions.

Observe how events propagate through market structures

Who We Serve

Global Macro

Global Macro hedge funds seek to capitalize on international market volatility by employing strategies sensitive to the ebb and flow of geopolitical events and economic policies.


Quantitative hedge funds integrate sophisticated mathematical models and machine learning to dissect market dynamics, aiming to exploit inefficiencies through algorithm-driven trades.

Analyze Complex
Macroeconomic Trends

Use networking graph analysis to bridge individual price movements and larger more complex trends that cannot be captured through charts or matrices.

Use Cases

Do Technical Analysis With Zonthur

Unlock smarter investments with Zonthur. Blend past patterns with present dynamics for sharper strategies. Explore our dynamic correlation tracking now to optimize your approach and minimize risks.
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Build a Diversified Portfolio

Tailored for portfolio managers, our graph navigation tools make it easy to delve into complex asset relationships and analyze how macroeconomic trends influence your portfolio.
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Attract Investors to Your Hedge Fund

Leverage advanced graph analytics for unique investment opportunities, positioning your fund as an industry innovator in complex adaptive system modeling and financial analytics.
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